Empowering Efficiency

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Acontrol is deeply dedicated to the delivering the best quality service to its clients. At Acontrol, we know that the way to best solutions is through the fusion of excelent know-how supported by the best tecnology.

For 20 years, Acontrol delivered, acknowledgeably, high quality services supported by strategic partnerships and solutions we now are the fittest to overcome each challenge proposed by our clients.

Partnerships are a means of sharing benefits through the complementarity between activities, directing the marketing effort.


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Acontrol is a Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator
Acontrol and FFonseca (SICK distributor) sell and install Real-Time Environmental Management Systems
  Acontrol is a Cognez Vision Systems Integrator
Acontrol and EMR (Power Measurement solutions distributor) sell and install Energy Management Systems
Acontrol uses EPLAN Software in all its projects and drawings
Acontrol and Harting are partners for the implementation of communication solutions in industrial environments


 IRS logoThe Institute of Systems and Robotics, at the University of Coimbra, and Acontrol are partners in the development of new products.