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OnControl® Mnestis is an advanced control solution, extremely flexible and robust.

With Mnestis you can transfer knowledge acquired from the system you wish to control, through a set of semantic IF/THEN rules More


OnControl® Databridge is a data tranfer software that acts between automation systems and corporate information systems (SQL Databases, SAP, Oracle).

Integrators often use OPC technology to connect industrial automation systems (PLC,DCS, SCADA, HVAC, etc)to shared data between 2 systems. Because OPC technology is based on a client-server architecture,  OPC servers cannot communicate directly. Databridge is an interface that eases this sort of communication, usually called an OPC Bridge. More


OnControl® RemoteIO is a software to organize, catalog and configure Allen Bradley's 1771 familly modules, FlexIO and SLC500 in a ControlLogix environment. These are the modules that are configurable through Block Transfer Write instructions. More

Arcontrol®  is a software system that allows to manage information from Air emission data collection systems, as well as other environmental hazards. This system generates reports demanded by Law and allows to monitor online the evolution of those variables, while logging all the data into history records.

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