Empowering Efficiency

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Formed in late 2008, the R&ID team had the initial goal of including in Acontrol's structure a departament fully dedicated to Research and Development of new products. This team is composed of a group of permanent researchers fully dedicated to this activity.

We invest in developing new products aimed at optimizing processess and systems, such as:

seta_laranjaIntellingent/Advanced control;
seta_laranjaIndustrial communication systems:
Robust data acquisition systems
Data transfer between corporate data systems and the factory floor.
Development of cognitive systems.

The project is co-financed by QREN, according to the Programa de Projectos de Capacitação e Reforço de Competências Internas de I&DT - Núcleos de I&DT, under the Programa Mais Centro and the European Union, through the European Regional development fund (ERDF/FEDER.