Empowering Efficiency

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Acontrol® is a solid, multidisciplinary company that provides specific, turn-key solutions to its clients. At Acontrol what we do best is helping our clients through electricity, control and automation solutions which enable them to gain the competitive advantages that make the difference.

From specific solutions to the integration of large systems, our services and products have proven to be robust and efficient in a wide spectrum of industries and in some of the harshest environments.

 acontrol_tip Are you acquainted with Acontrol's remote maintenance solution?Know more about this service.  apmi2009
 acontrol_tip Acontrol was present  at the 10th National Conference on Industrial Maintenance, hosted by the Portuguese National Maintenance Association. Watch the vídeo(PT)
 acontrol_tip Acontrol has performed a technological update/migration (Allen Bradley's PLC5 to ControlLogix) at Cimpor Alhandra. Know more about this service.